TIL History of the Church In The First Century




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Also by Greg Litmer in the Truth in Life Series: History of the Church Through the Ages

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History of the Church in the First Century
by Greg Litmer
Truth in Life Series

A study containing 13 lessons on the history of the church from from its beginning through the first century.


Lessons Titles:

  1. The Church Begins
  2. The Church Grows in Jerusalem
  3. Persecution Worsens 
  4. The Church Grows Beyond Jerusalem 
  5. The Conversion of Saul 
  6. To the Gentiles 
  7. Antioch and Beyond 
  8. How To View the Gentiles 
  9. The Boundaries of the Kingdom Expanded 
  10. Strengthening the Brethren 
  11. Issues of the First Century 
  12. One Congregation-Corinth 
  13. As the First Century Ends

13 Lessons, Workbook.

Author: Greg Litmer
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584270837
ISBN-13: 9781584270836
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches 
Page Count: 64 
Binding: Paperback