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Product Description

Families Serving God Through the Ages
Truth in Life Series
by Royce DeBerry

13-lesson workbook.


Table of Contents:

  1. Following Jesus Through Service
  2. Attributes in Serving
  3. Serving with the Family
  4. Families Must Serve God
  5. Families Must Serve Christ
  6. Families Must Serve Each Other
  7. Families Must Serve Their Older Generation
  8. Families Must Serve Their Own Generation
  9. Families Must Serve Their Younger Generation
  10. Families Must Serve Extended Family Members
  11. Families Must Serve Other Christians
  12. Families Must Serve the World
  13. Families Must Allow Others to Serve Them
Author: Royce DeBerry
Publisher: Truth Books
ISBN-10: 1584272090 
ISBN-13: 9781584272090 / 9781584272366
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches 
Page Count: 54
Binding: Paperback 

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  • 1
    Not what I thought it would be

    Posted by Bible Student on Aug. 5, 2017

    Decent info on the family is given but I would like to have seen more organization and more scriptures. Each chapter is short and meant I believe for personal study as opposed to a Bible class book or sermon material. I felt the material and content to be lacking a bit but on the positive side I found nothing unscriptural.

  • 3
    A bit disappointing to me personally

    Posted by Netagene on Jun. 25, 2016

    This is a fast, easy book to read, probably most excellent for young families. I bought it based on the title without reading the description.

    To me, the title implied that maybe it was a description of how people during various ages actually worshipped, maybe using secular history along with the Bible ... tabernacle, temple, exile, how synagogues came to be, etc. it is not that.

    Read the description. Buy it for young families.

    [CEIbooks: Netagene, thank you for the feedback regarding the title. We value the input of our customers.]