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Truth in Life (TIL): Evangelizing the Lost, by Charles C. Goodall, contains lessons on personal evangelism. Although these lessons grow out of “In the Same Hour of the Night,” an earlier work by the same author, this new workbook is addresses an entirely different need and audience.

Lesson 1 asks, “Why Study Personal Evangelism?” Lesson 2 examines “Evangelism and Purpose.” Lesson 3 discusses “Discipleship.” Lesson 4 ponders the question, “Can You Do Personal Work?” Lesson 5 asks, “What Can I Do?” Lesson 6 considers, “How Can I Prepare Myself to Teach?” Lesson 7 queries, “Whom Should I Teach?” Lesson 8 focuses on “Preparing a Lesson Plan.” Lesson 9 offers “A Plan of Evangelism.” Lesson 10 emphasizes “Saving Our Own.” Lesson 11 weighs “Saving Our Workers.” Lesson 12 stresses “Saving Our Young.” Lesson 13 looks back upon “The Prophecy of the Church.” Lesson 14 discusses “The Establishment of the Church.” Lesson 15 considers “The Organization of the Church and Spiritual Gifts.” Lesson 16 surveys “The Church and the Falling Away.” Lesson 17 investigates “Catholicism and Protestantism.” Lesson 18 notes that “Becoming a Christian focuses on ‘What Does the Bible Say?’.” Lesson 19 offers Biblical instruction on the “Right Baptism—the Right Church.”


Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Why Study Personal Evangelism?

Lesson 2: Evangelism and Purpose

Lesson 3: Discipleship

Lesson 4: Can You Do Personal Work?

Lesson 5: What Can I Do?

Lesson 6: How Can I Prepare Myself to Teach?

Lesson 7: Whom Should I Teach?

Lesson 8: Preparing a Lesson Plan

Lesson 9: A Plan of Evangelism

Lesson 10: Saving Our Own

Lesson 11: Saving Our Workers

Lesson 12: Saving Our Young

Lesson 13: The Prophecy of the Church

Lesson 14: The Establishment of the Church

Lesson 15: The Organization of the Church and Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 16: The Church and the Falling Away

Lesson 17: Catholicism and Protestantism

Lesson 18: Becoming a Christian: What Does the Bible Say?

Lesson 19: Right Baptism—the Right Church