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Product Description

Committed to Spiritual Growth

by Steve Niemeier

This book is written for individuals and churches that are committed to spiritual growth. At its core, Christianity has a growth imperative. Based upon Biblical teaching and years of personal experience, Steve Niemeier offers wise counsel and advice on how to achieve this goal, both individually and collectively. 

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Self-Evaluation

Lesson 2: Can One Person Make a Difference?

Lesson 3: Facing the Facts

Lesson 4: Responsible and Accountable!

Lesson 5: I Feel Threatened

Lesson 6: Developing the Battle Plan

Lesson 7: Counting the Cost

Lesson 8: Implementing the Plan

Lesson 9: Member Involvement in Evangelism

Lesson 10: Evangelism Opportunities

Lesson 11: The Importance of Edification

Lesson 12: Putting Edification Into Practice

Lesson 13: Edification Through Hospitality

Lesson 14: Staying the Course

Appendix 1: Congregation Self-Evaluation Guide

Appendix 2: Lesson Plan Guide


ISBN-13: 9781584274155

ISBN-10: 1584274158