The Book of Acts: Workbook






Product Description

The Book of Acts: Workbook by Johnny Stringer is a twenty-four lesson workbook that takes the student though the New Testament record of the earliest history of Christ’s church. Each lesson features a short summary of the material followed by questions for the student to answer. Lesson 1 starts with the record of the beginning of the church. Lesson 2 deals with the account of the healing of the lame man. Lessons 3 and 4 address the church in Jerusalem and some of its early problems. Lesson 5 examines the evangelistic work of Philip, one of the seven. Lessons 6 and 7 discuss Saul’s Conversion and the events that follow it. Lesson 8 explores the conversion of Cornelius, the first Gentile convert. Lesson 9 introduces the Church in Antioch. Lesson 10 examines Paul’s First Preaching Journey. Lesson 11 looks at the conference in Jerusalem discussing circumcision. Lessons 12 through 14 deal with Paul’s Second Preaching Journey. Lessons 15 through 17 consider Paul’s Third Journey. Lessons 18 through 24 take the student through the years of Paul’s imprisonment.

Table of Contents


Lesson 1: The Beginning of the Church

Lesson 2: A Lame Man Is Healed

Lesson 3: The Church in Jerusalem

Lesson 4: Problems in Jerusalem

Lesson 5: Philip’s Evangelistic Work

Lesson 6: Saul’s Conversion

Lesson 7: Following Saul’s Conversion

Lesson 8: The Conversion of Cornelius

Lesson 9: The Church in Antioch

Lesson 10: Paul’s First Preaching Journey

Lesson 11: The Jerusalem Conference

Lesson 12: Paul’s Second Preaching Journey (1)

Lesson 13: Paul’s Second Preaching Journey (2)

Lesson 14: Paul’s Second Preaching Journey (3)

Lesson 15: Paul’s Third Journey (1)

Lesson 16: Paul’s Third Journey (2)

Lesson 17: Paul’s Third Journey (3)

Lesson 18: Paul the Prisoner (1)

Lesson 19: Paul the Prisoner (2)

Lesson 20: Paul the Prisoner (3)

Lesson 21 Paul the Prisoner (4)

Lesson 22: Paul the Prisoner (5)

Lesson 23: Paul the Prisoner (6)

Lesson 24: Paul the Prisoner (7)