That They May Train the Young Women






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That They May Train the Young Women

by Ruth Thompson

This book contains 15 lessons which set forth Bible principles for women in the proper conduct of their lives. The lessons are well-prepared and organized, following the pattern set forth by the Holy Spirit in Paul's letter to Titus.


There are 7 chapters:

1. To Love Their Husbands
2. To Love Their Children
3. To Be Sober-minded
4. To Be Chaste
5. To Be Workers At Home
6. To Be Kind
7. Being In subjection To Their Own Husbands

154 pages. Workbook.

ISBN-13: 9781584270492

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    Solid, practical help for living out the scriptures in our families

    Posted by Marcie on Aug. 18, 2016

    Our Ladies Class used this material and found it to be very practical, solid, well-organized, timeless teaching with numerous scriptural references that flesh out the scripture in everyday, easy reading. Questions posted at the end of each lesson help the students discuss how to apply the scriptures to their present-day circumstances.

    It is appropriate for young ladies ages of High School age to Senior Age ladies.