Special Moments With Daddy: Memoirs of a Single Dad with his Daughter



Product Description

It is a fact, that in 1991 it was unheard of in Florida for a father to win custody of his child or children, especially a five-year-old daughter, but that is exactly what happened in my family. God had blessed us during the trial by providing a judge who in his opening remarks told my mom and dad that he would do, to the best of his abilities, whatever was in the child’s best interest. This statement was our first glimmer of hope for my dad as prior to these remarks by the judge daddy had been told by everyone including his first attorney that in a custody battle it was going to be impossible for a father to win. 

This custody victory has served to remind daddy and me that God is in control, we must remain faithful, determined and persistent in our struggles.

Although this book does contain some poetry and prose, it is not a book of poetry. Instead, it is about the healthy, loving relationship of a divorced father who was blessed in winning custody of his young daughter and some of our life lessons.