Sing with Me the Story of Jesus CD


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Companion to song book for children Sing With Me The Story by Aleta Walker Samford


1. God Took Seven Days (to tune Jesus Loves the Little Children)
2. Jesus Christ Will Come (to tune Jesus Loves Me)
3. God’s Three Promises to Abraham (to tune Footprints of Jesus)
4. Twelve Sons of Israel (to tune I’m a Little Teapot)
5. The Song of Moses (to tune The Itsy, Bitsy Spider)
6. The Ten Commandments (to tune Lord, We Come Before Thee Now)
7. Can You Name the Judges? (to tune Have You Ever Seen a Lassie?)
8. Ruth’s Song (to tune I Love to Tell the Story)
9. Give Us a King! (to tune of Trust and Obey)
10. Jonah, Don’t Run Away! (to tune Love Lifted Me)
11. Isaiah Was a Prophet of God (to tune Mulberry Bush)
12.The Land of Babylon (to tune of Abide with Me)
13. Queen Esther (to tune of Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross)
14. Jesus and You (to tune of Hark, The Herald Angels Sing)
15.The Transfiguration Song (to tune of Jesus Loves the Little Children)
16. Wicked Judas (to tune of Are You Sleeping Brother John?)
17. Hear What Jesus Did For Me (to tune of London Bridge)
18. The Church that Jesus Built (to tune of Michael, Row the Boat Ashore)
19. The Steps of Salvation (to tune of Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes)
20. Worshiping Together (to tune of Lord, We Come Before Thee Now)
21. The Elders in the Church (to tune of Jesus Loves the Little Children)
22. The Slave Who Ran Away (to tune of The Wise Man)
23. Peter’s Reminder (to tune of Let the Beauty of Jesus)