Sing Praises CD 1



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  1. A Mansion, Robe and Crown
  2. Get Right, Church
  3. Blue Skies and Rainbows
  4. Heaven's Road
  5. Because We Love the Lord
  6. He Is My Everything
  7. Humble Yourselves
  8. He Is Lord
  9. I Will Call Upon the Lord
  10. I Am Mine No More
  11. I've Been Redeemed
  12. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
  13. Have You Seen Jesus MY Lord
  14. He Paid a Debt
  15. Heaven is in My Heart
  16. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  17. I've Been Crucified with Christ
  18. I'm so Glad Jesus Lifted Me
  19. Wonderful
  20. I'm Happy Today
  21. I Want to Know Christ
  22. God is so Good
  23. Restore My Soul
  24. Soon and Very Soon

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