Searching For Happiness (Workbook)



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Searching for Happiness Workbook

by Daniel H. King, Sr.

Searching for Happiness is a workbook based on King’s book of the same title. This workbook is designed for Bible classes. Many are chasing rainbows that never can be caught in their search for happiness and, were they caught, those rainbows would not provide the happiness they promise. Brother King directs God’s people to where genuine happiness can truly be found.


Chapter Titles:

  1. The Universal Quest
  2. Jesus Came to Bring True Happiness
  3. Make Up Your Mind to Be Happy
  4. Make Sure Your Thoughts Are Happy Ones 
  5. Count Your Blessings and Be Thankful
  6. Act Like You Are Happy
  7. Concentrate on Solutions Rather Than Problems
  8. "As From the Outside Looking In"
  9. Define Life's Purpose
  10. Locate and Focus Upon Life's Center 
  11. Conduct Your Life in Harmony With God's Will
  12. Lose Yourself in Service to God and Others
  13. Take Pleasure in Simple Things
  14. Do Not Borrow Trouble From Tomorrow
  15. Put Yesterday in the Rear View Mirror
  16. Do Not Cherish Grudges
  17. Trust in God's Providence
  18. Wait Until the Final Chapter Has Been Written
  19. Conclusion

95 pages. Workbook.