How the Bible Came to Us (5 DVDs)



Product Description

How the Bible Came to Us

The amazing story of God's plans and man's sacrifices

presented by David Tarbet

Story of the origin, preservation, and history of the English Bible. Much of this information is not generally known by modern believers and unbelievers.

Answers questions like: 

  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • What materials were used?
  • Has the Bible been changed by the passing of time?
  • Has translating it into various languages corrupted the message?
  • Do we have the same Word of God as was read by Christians in the earliest centuries?
  • Why do our Bible omit books the Catholic Bibl includes?
  • What did it cost for us to have the Bible in the English language?
  • What is its timeless importance?
  • Will It survive?

Strengthens faith in the integrity of the Bible. Useful for Bible Classes and evangelistic outreach. A helpful addition to every personal and church library.


  • "Write it on a Scroll"
  • Canon of Scripture
  • Preservation of the Ancient Text
  • History of the English Bible
  • "The Living and Enduring Word of God"