Be Available - Judges


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by Warren W. Wiersbe

Picture a world where people live according to their own personal standards, where believers can't seem to agree, and where people are trapped in every kind of sin. Sound familiar? While this list hits close to home, these issues are found in the book of Judges. And it's during times like these where God is searching for those who are ready, willing, and available to confront the enemy.

Chapter Contents:

  1. It Was The Worst Of Times (Jud. 1-2)
  2. The Weapons Of Our Warfare (Jud. 3)
  3. ''Two Are Better Than One, And Three Are Better Still'' (Jud. 4-5)
  4. God's Man In Manasseh (Jud. 6)
  5. Faith Is The Victory (Jud. 7)
  6. Win The War, Lose The Victory (Jud. 8)
  7. My Kingdom Come (Jud. 9)
  8. Local Reject Makes Good (Jud. 10-12)
  9. The Light That Flickered (Jud. 13-14)
  10. The Light That Failed (Jud. 15-16)
  11. ''The Center Cannot Hold'' (Jud. 17-18)
  12. War And Peace (Jud. 19-21)
  13. Looking Back And Looking Around

208 pages. Paperback.