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by Foy E. Wallace, Jr.

Evey book authored by Foy E. Wallace is included on this CD-ROM. This library of titles, if purchased in hardback form, would retail for about $795.00!

This software is PC and Mac compatible.

Titles included on this CD:

  • A Review of the New Versions
  • The Book of Revelation
  • Bulwarks of the Faith
  • The Christian and the Civil Government
  • Commentary on Romans, Galatians & Ephesians
  • Current Issues
  • Evaluation of the New International Version
  • God's Prophetic Word
  • The Gospel For Today
  • The Instrumental Music Question
  • Mission and Medium of the Holy Spirit
  • The Neal-Wallace Discussion
  • Number One Gospel Sermons
  • The Plain Truth About the Revised Version
  • The Story of the Fort Worth Norris-Wallace Debate
  • Sermon on the Mount and the Civil State
  • The Present Truth
  • King James Version of the Bible
  • A Large Photographic Section
  • Articles Appearing in Gospel Magazines: Gospel Advocate Editorials (1930-1934); Gospel Guardian (1935-1936); Bible Banner (1938-1949); Torch (1950-1951)

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    A great resource for all Christians

    Posted by Dennis on Aug. 24, 2015

    This is a wonderful product. There is a great deal of savings over buying each book, some of which are not even in print. Also included are a plethora of articles. This is a resource any Christian with a library should have.