Overview of the Bible Part 4




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Overview of the Bible Part 4: Matthew - 1 Thessalonians

by David Dann


This survey of the Bible series covers the first half of the NT. After a lesson introducing the NT, Dann works his way book by book through the NT providing information about the title, author, date of the book, purposes for which the book was written, content of the book, and closes with an outline of the particular book. Each lesson has a series of thought provoking questions that makes it excellent for Bible class use (high school through adult).

100 pages. Workbook.

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    Looking Forward to Using This Book

    Posted by Unknown on Jan. 26, 2015

    Our review committee looked over a copy of this book before we ordered for the entire class. Those planning to teach the class can see a variety of ways to approach the lessons. We look forward to beginning our overview study in a few weeks.