Wine: Does The Bible Condone The "Social" Or "Recreational" Use Of Alcohol?




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The drinking of alcohol on “social” occasions is a continual subject of controversy among Christians. Is it okay to drink alcohol so long as one promises not to get drunk? Did God give His blessing to those who wanted to drink only “a little wine”? Did the people in Bible days know how to keep fresh grape juice unfermented since they had no means of refrigeration to preserve juice as we do? Did they have to ferment their juice in order to preserve it for long periods of time? These and many other questions will be answered in this book.Chapters Include:1) Does The Term “Wine” In The Bible Mean Alcoholic Wine? 2) Comparing Apples To Apples. 3) Could Ancient People Store Unfermented Grape Juice? 4) Seven Passages Which Reflect God’s Thoughts Concerning The “Social /Recreational” Use Of Alcohol. 5) Arguments Men Use To Prove We Can Drink “Socially”6) Questions Concerning Wine In The Bible.


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