Living a Worthy Life


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by Nancy Ferguson

"Living a 'Worthy Life is surely an admirable ambition for any Christian. But how do we do it? Do we really even know what a worthy life is? What does the Bible say about the worthy life God wants each of us to live?

This book is written with a firm conviction that the Bible is the Word of God and that it is relevant for us today. A better un derstanding of biblical teachings can help us to live a worthy life. By studying various verses on the same subject/ we can bet- ter know God and His will for us.

Even those who have studied the Bible extensively may have missed the deeper, richer significance of God's Word in our lives. The better we comprehend God's message, the more meaningful our rela tionship to Him becomes. As we study God's Word we are drawn closer to Him.

Nancy Ferguson shares a powerful and in-depth study of how we can live a worthy life and be the servants God wants His children to be."

Table of Contents    


1 Worthy! Who, Me? 

2 How Much Obedience Do I Owe God? 

3 That Awe-full Feeling 

4 A Chaste Lifestyle 

5 Who Do You Let Pull Your Strings?

6 A Faith-Full Christian

7 Submission: What's in It for Me? 

8 Is It Really Worth It? 

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