Biblical Slide Rule



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by Lloyd Moyer

Biblical Slide rule for Personal Workers in English Find the subject desired, Note the number before it, Then slide the rule until that number appears at the extreme left. The scriptures appearing in the opening at the right will pertain to the subject selected. Over 50 subjects including:  Baptism, Live faithful, Salvation, the Sabbath, judgment, and  teaching.

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    Most Helpful!

    Posted by Jan on Jun. 17, 2016

    Two years before my Daddy left this world, he gave me a slide rule. That was 1995. It has been in my bible all these years. It had a snail mail address on it, so I ran a search and found the website! I immediately ordered the updated slide rule... 19 more of them to give away!
    It's a must have in anyone's Bible!

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    Handy reference tool.

    Posted by Unknown on Nov. 4, 2014

    A great tool for finding references quickly in defense of the Gospel.. Carry one in your Bible as an aid to Bible study and personal work. Also a great handout for those who are searching for the Truth.