Baptismal Clothes New Life


$74.99 - $84.99

Product Description

Navy Blue

Modest- The heavy, opaque nylon material, with its special backing, combined with the culotte design provides modesty. The Polylon Robe prevents see-through even when wet, will not float up due to its culotte style, and does not cling.

Durable - The original Polylon robes that were made in 1973 are still in use today. These robes will last for years and years!

Convenient - Polylon Robes are easy to use. The one-piece design allows converts to remove their clothing, step into the robe, zip it up and enter the baptistry quickly. Back in the dressing room, they can slip off the robe, hang it on a hanger, dry off and get back into their clothes in just minutes. Polylon baptismal robes actually shed water, so very little water comes out of the baptistry, assuring easy clean up. Just wash the robes in cool water with delicate agitation and drip dry.

Small - Fits up to 135 pounds, both men and woman

Medium - Fits up to 160 pounds, both men and woman

Large - Fits up to 210 pounds, both men and woman