Never Say Never




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Never Say Never

The Peter Principle

by Catherine Swift

Did you ever wonder why the apostle Paul advised early Christians to "season" their words in Colossians 4:6? Could it be he knew they may eventually have to eat some of them?

Sometimes we are so sure of ourselves we burst forth with a rash statement like "I would NEVER do that!" Or perhaps it shows more in our attitude than in our words. This book teaches from the Scriptures that we should learn to carefully think before bursting forth with something we may later regret. This book is good for both personal and group study. Includes notes to the teacher.


13 lessons:

  1. Commitment
  2. Service vs. Pride
  3. Taking a Stand
  4. Prejudice
  5. Teaching
  6. Marital Fidelity
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Parenting
  9. Being Complete
  10. Encouraging
  11. Humility
  12. Suffering
  13. God's Promises

156 pages. Workbook.

ISBN-13: 9781584271369