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CLASSIC GOSPEL HYMNS is the second hymnbook in a trilogy of classic gospel collections. PRECIOUS MEMORIES, the first in this series published 2008, is a collection of 130 basic hymns we have sung through the ages. CLASSIC GOSPEL HYMNS is a collection of 320 all-time favorite gospel songs, expanding the basic hymns to include many hymns written later in the Twentieth Century. The third in this trilogy, BEST of  SOUTHERN GOSPEL, is set to release later in 2014. It will contain nearly 500 of the most popular songs made famous by companies like Stamps-Baxter, Vaughan, and other Southern Gospel publishers.

      Taylor Publications genuinely hopes this book will preserve songs that are the very roots of our American Christian heritage and church history. With this intent, the songs have been set in a format of shape notes and four-part harmony to preserve both the appearance and feel of those early days in America. They have also set the songs with larger than normal type for easy reading.

      They dedicate this fine collection to everyone who remembers those days and those who want to keep the flames of those precious memories burning in the hearts of the next generation.

Publisher: Taylor Publications
ITEM: B7000
ISBN-13: 9781932711332
Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.25
Page Count: 326
Binding: Hardback 


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