A Song Is Born



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100 Hymn stories by R. J. Taylor. Many, never before told stories of the hymns we love to sing. Beautiful, 320 page book filled with pictures and the songs with music .

from the back cover:

A Song is Born represents years of field research, travelling all across Americ, meeting great people, talking to song writers or their descendents, all in an effort to better understand the songs we sing. I believe every song has a story to tell and a message to understand. I call this Grass Roots Hymnology, a very personal, hands on touch as I walked in the steps of the men and women who wrote our hymns. Come along with me on this incredible journey.

A Song Is Born is filled with unique stories not found in any other collection. A total of 100 stories from familiar hymns to new contemporary songs like:

  • Precious Memories
  • Step By Step
  • Our God, He Is Alive
  • My Eyes Are Dry
  • To God Be The Glory

Hymns represent the heart and soul of our theology. The text appeals to our understanding while the music touches our emotions. Words engage our minds while music engages our hearts. An enduring hymn will bring both the text and tune together, helping us to create our heart language. 

Product Information

Author: Robert J. Taylor
Publisher: Taylor Publications
ISBN-10: 1932711007
ISBN-13: 9781932711004
ITEM: B801
Dimensions: 9" x 6" 
Page Count: 320
Binding: Paperback

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