Rise (Narrow Way CD Volume 2)


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From the members of Narrow Way:

"'RISE' is a call. A call to rise up, praise and glorify our marvelous creator, to recognize His incredible power and wonderful gifts. It is a call to action! With 2 NEW Narrow Way originals, the songs selected for this album are designed to encourage us to do all that we can in living for the Lord. We hope you enjoy it and that your love and faith in God is strengthened."

The RISE track list:

  1. Blessed Be Your Name
  2. A Shield About Me
  3. Lord, Help My Faith
  4. Never Grow Old
  5. Worthy Is The Lamb
  6. Alleluia, Lord!
  7. Lord, Quiet My Mind
  8. For You Have Promised\
  9. I Love You, Lord
  10. Rise Up and Build
  11. Soliloquy and Prayer
  12. In Christ Alone
  13. Days of Elijah
  14. His Grace Reaches Me
  15. Here I Am to Worship
  16. I Will Rise
  17. There’s a Stirring

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