She Hath Done What She Could




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She Hath Done What She Could
by Jane McWhorter

Do you have your hands full? So often, our hands are full-yet empty of what matters. She Hath Done What She Could fills your heart with solid Bible truths and your hands with oractical, loving deeds. This book will enhance your walk with God, His church, and your family.

"God does not hold you responsible for talents you do not possess, but He does expect you to use your ability to the fullest. Too often we overlook the common, everyday things around us that may be used in God's service."
Jane McWhorter

Following Now I Can Fly as the second book in the Silver Linings series Jane McWhorter teaches women how to put hands and feet on Christianity. Practical and inspiring! 13 chapters with questions and activities.


   Table of Contents:


  1. Accepting Woman's Role
  2. Increasing Spirituality
  3. Helping the Sick
  4. Comforting the Bereaved
  5. Helping the Needy
  6. Encouraging the Weak and the Stranger
  7. Teaching Children
  8. Reaching the Lost
  9. Teaching the Younger Women
  10. Being a Christian Mother 
  11. Being a Christian Wife
  12. Encouraging Her Husband in God's Cervice
  13. Winning Her Husband to Christ
Author:  Jane McWhorter
Publisher: Publishing Designs
ISBN-13: 9780929540917
Dimensions:  9 x 6 inches
Page Count: 192
Binding: Paperback