Mission Statement

CEI Bookstore/Truth Books is a part of the Truth
Publications family. We are a nonprofit organization
with the aim of putting good books in the hands of
good people, people just like yourself and those in
your church.
Our vision is to enable our customers with
the ability to enhance their understanding and
application of God’s word by supplying them with
the best Bible-based resources on the market.
Our resources include professionally designed,
well-written printed material as well as a variety
of digital products to meet the needs of Bible
students in the 21st century. Additionally, as a
nonprofit we are engaged in providing these
resources to many people throughout the world
by donating thousands of dollars’ worth of our
material to teaching and evangelistic efforts in
places like the Philippines, India, Russia, and other
countries in Africa, Europe, and throughout the
Our values embrace community, as we reach
out to connect with our customers; character,
as we work to help develop each unique person
individually; congregations, as we help churches
grow through effective resources for edification
and evangelism; and comfort, as our warm staff
nourishes relationships with our customers and
encourages connection.