Mind Your King: Lessons and Essays on Biblical Authority



Product Description

Mind Your King explores biblical concepts about God's authority and how this impacts the church. Are we expected to have God's authority for what we do? How do we know what pleases God? These are many other issues that are considered in two parts. Part 1 contains 13 lessons with discussion questions suitable for classes. Part 2 contains expanded essays on related issues. Topics include: Part 1: Lessons 1. The Meaning of Authority 2. Christ the King 3. The Example of Jesus 4. The Need for Authority 5. Knowing what God Wants 6. Implication and Inference 7. Examples 8. Silence 9. The Church of the Lord 10. Why the Church Exists 11. How the Church Works 12. Worship and Assembly 13. Grace, Love, and Authority Part 2: Essays 1. Specific or General 2. Patterns 3. Tradition! 4. Instrumental Music 5. Institutionalizing “Church” 6. The Individual and Church 7. On the Church Support of Human Institutions 8. Misusing “Church of Christ” 9. “CENI” Matters 10. On the Authority of Creeds 11. Fellowship and Division