You Shall Be My People






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You Shall Be My People

by Bob and Sandra Waldron

Lamp To My Feet Series

Volume 2 in the Lamp to my Feet series which covers the entire Bible in 3.5 years. This volume covers Exodus through Deuteronomy. 

These books are great for a series study or they can be used independently.


Material Covered:

  • Introduction 
  • The Call of Moses 
  • The Plagues 
  • From Egypt to Mount Sinai 
  • Jehovah Makes a Covenant 
  • An Overview: Months at Mount Sinai 
  • The Tabernacle 
  • Garments for the Priests 
  • Rules for Sacrifices 
  • Worship Set in Order 
  • "Be Holy for I am Holy" 
  • Numbered and Organized
  • From Sinai to Kadesh 
  • Wandering in the Wilderness 
  • On the Plains of Moab 
  • Moses' Speeches on the Plains of Moab 
  • Journey's End 
  • Appendix 
  • Bibliography


Author: Bob and Sandra Waldron
ISBN-10: 1584271094
ISBN-13: 9781584271093
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches 
Page Count: 251
Binding: Paperback 

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    Compliments the other books

    Posted by Dave Stever on Nov. 5, 2013

    This book is part of a series for a three-year survey of the Bible. Even after the three years, when we are now going back through the series, I am still learning. Good source material to help students of all learning levels.