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Living Horizons: Principles of Family Life (A Resource for Wives, Mothers, and Daughters) by Marilyn Payne is a unique book written by a faithful Christian wife, mother, and grandmother offering instruction, insight, and advice from God’s word to women of any age. Whether used as a class book for ladies’ studies or a reference on a variety of issues faced by women in the modern age this book will prove invaluable to any woman in Christ. We invite you to get to know Living Horizons a resource for wives, mothers, and daughters.

Table of Contents

Living Horizons: Principles of Family Life (A Resource for Wives, Mothers, and Daughters)

By Marilyn Payne

Table of Contents



How It All Started

Title and Use of This Book

Author’s Biography

1. Beginnings

Importance of truth, communication helpers and blockers

2. Feelings I Hope Were Conveyed to Our Four Children

Twenty-one personal points, from a request

3. Proctor’s Spiral of Futility

Originated by Samuel Proctor at Rutgers University, exploring rejection and everything that may follow if intervention does not occur

4. Growing Love through God’s Appointed Roles

Exploring lies that women may believe and the importance of their roles in the home

5. Happiness

Maintaining peace during difficult times, etc.

6. Visions of Deepening Love

Includes principles such as those in Fascinating Womanhood, other marriage principles, and inspirational entries

7. Encouraging Chastity in Our Teenagers

Especially for a teenage girls’ Bible class.

8. Decisions on Dating

Especially for a teenage girls’ Bible class


A Few Favorite Recipes

Some ABC Bible Verses

Snapshots in Time

Key to Paintings and Photos



330 pages
Book Review
by Nancy Reaves

Living Horizons
Principles of Family Life
by Marilyn Payne

For months I have an intended to write a couple of book reviews. Since many of you will be at the Florida College lectures and dropping by the FC bookstore, the book Living Horizons, Principles of Family Life by Marilyn Payne should be top on your list of books to peruse and purchase.

Through the years of raising children, I was absorbed and fascinated by self-help books. I wanted to learn from moms and doctors and nutritionists and psychologists. I think it drove Brownie crazy at times. I would sit a book on his bedside table and say, “please read this" or “what do you think?" or “this might help" or “this might be useful.

I wish I could have read Living Horizons during the formative years of my children’s lives. A yellow highlighter would have run out of ink on this wonderful book filled with nuggets of help and wisdom for young wives and mothers!!

In the first chapter titled Beginnings, the theme is to teach honesty starting out of the gate. She stresses the value of speaking truth. God expects truth and commands it. Here is a quote from the chapter, The Vitality of Truth:Lying does not happen in only one area of life. It spills over into deceit, secrets, and things people never thought they would do. Even a “white lie” cracks the trust foundation and undermines your relationship and communication.” Trust and teaching communication skills follows the admonition to be honest in all things. She provides valuable insights on how to apply these principles.

Marilyn’s advice for child rearing is chock-full of wise observations and uses scriptures that I have never seen applied in this manner showing a depth of discernment and vision that will benefit each reader.

It is hoped that this review will whet your appetite to read the book. There are so many unique stories and concepts for mothers. I especially liked her advice on dealing with feelings and how to handle a child when they are crying.

The book is real, sharing about her family and the concepts she learned along the way.

The chapter on encouraging chastity in our young people will help guide you through the teenage years.

I think one of my favorite chapters was on the Vision of Deepening Love where she shares her letter to Buddy for their 55th wedding anniversary and there is one from Buddy to “my Marilyn.” Living a godly life and giving God the glory for their love, she shows the rewards of a deep love founded on Biblical principles.

Marilyn is a talented artist, and the book contains beautiful copies of her paintings along with family pictures, and a wonderful section of favorite recipes.

Living Horizons is not one of the least expensive books in the bookstore, but it will become one of the most invaluable to read as you grow as a wife and parent. It’s a book I want my son’s wives and generations to come to use as a wonderful resource and guide.

Nancy Clendening Reaves