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This Bundle Set of two resourceful church history workbooks by Greg Litmer includes History of the Church in the First Century and History of the Church Through the Ages. Both workbooks are in the Truth in Life series.

History of the Church in the First Century

A study containing 13 lessons on the history of the church from from its beginning through the first century.


Lessons Titles:

  1. The Church Begins
  2. The Church Grows in Jerusalem
  3. Persecution Worsens 
  4. The Church Grows Beyond Jerusalem 
  5. The Conversion of Saul 
  6. To the Gentiles 
  7. Antioch and Beyond 
  8. How To View the Gentiles 
  9. The Boundaries of the Kingdom Expanded 
  10. Strengthening the Brethren 
  11. Issues of the First Century 
  12. One Congregation-Corinth 
  13. As the First Century Ends


History of the Church Through the Ages

This is a 13 Lesson workbook studying the church from the 2nd century through the Restoration.


Lessons include:

  1. Leaving the Pattern
  2. The Medieval Church
  3. Further Seeds of Discontent
  4. The Beginning of the Protestant Reformation
  5. The Reformation Grows
  6. John Calvin
  7. Politics and the Reformation
  8. The Catholic church Moves to Counter the Reformation
  9. Further Counter Reformation Moves
  10. Continued Growth and Division
  11. The Move to Restoration
  12. The Restoration Movement Takes Shape
  13. The Progress of Restoration


About the Author:

Greg Litmer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 27, 1954. He married his best friend, Vicky (Brown), in 1976. The Litmers have two children: Adam Joseph and Rachel Elizabeth. Greg received his formal education at the University of Cincinnati, majoring in theater. He began preaching in Covington, Kentucky (1976-77). He worked with Wayne Chappell and the Lockland church in Cincinnati, Ohio (1977-80); the Northside church in Hillsboro, Ohio (1980-82); the Southport church in Indianapolis, Indiana (1982-85); the Fairfax church in Cincinnati, Ohio (1985-91); the Expressway church in Louisville, Kentucky (1991-2001); and the Northern Kentucky church in Florence, Kentucky (2001-present). He has conducted gospel meetings in several states and has preached in Canada and Ireland. In Louisville and Cincinnati, Greg participated in daily call-in radio programs for many years. His articles have appeared in a number of periodicals. He also co-edited Catholicism Examined, a monthly publications which has been compiled into a book by the same title. Other works by Greg published by Truth Publications include Catholicism Under the Microscope, Messianic Prophecies, That Ye May Grow Thereby, and the Jesus: The Bread of Life workbook series.