Lilies of the Field




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Lilies of the Field

by Fay Mobley

Excellent book for a ladies Bible class, both young and old. This book deals with issues pertaining to young women, married women, and the woman's responsibility in the church. It also discusses her duty to the civil government. Thirteen lessons with questions following each lesson.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Young Woman: Social Pressures
  2. The Young Woman: Her Dress and Recreation
  3. The Young Woman: Generation Problems
  4. The Wife: A Help Meet For Man
  5. The Wife: Her Subjection and Responsibilities
  6. The Mother
  7. The Training of Children
  8. Church Worker: Her Talents and Knowledge
  9. Church Worker: Her Responsibilities
  10. Bible Teacher: Qualifications and Knowledge
  11. Bible Teacher: Her Example and Work
  12. Citizen: Subjection to Civil Government
  13. The Citizen's Allegiance

59 pages. Workbook.

ISBN-13: 9781584271918