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Lifelong Zeal 

by Phillip Shumake

In Titus 2:14 God calls every Christian to become “…a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.” But how can Christians develop the kind of zeal that really lasts? It’s not by following contemporary trends or focusing only on positive topics. The real key is putting God’s plan into action.

Lifelong Zeal is a workbook to help Christians ignite a lasting passion for God based on the step-by step process Jesus used with Peter and His other disciples. In 22 lessons, students learn how to:

  • Identify the three elements every spiritual fire MUST have to keep burning.
  • Enhance their zeal with greater wisdom, courage and diligence.
  • Recover from burnout, even when surrounded by discouragement.
  • Pursue good deeds that align with their personality and talents.
  • Keep their hope anchored in God’s grace.

Lifelong Zeal includes over 400 scripture references, as well as discussion questions, making it perfect for personal or public Bible studies. Christian zeal does not have to fizzle out over time, it can grow deeper and more mature. So get started in this inspiring study and enjoy a renewed spark in your walk with God!

114 pages. Workbook. 

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    Excellent class study for adults

    Posted by Mike Moriarty on Jan. 10, 2019

    I've been an elder for a long time and have found every Christian needs to know how to maintain zeal over the course of their lifetime. Philip has put together a very comprehensive, interactive adult class book to serve just that purpose. Most Christians would not consider themselves to be lukewarm, but you may be surprised after rating yourself in chapter 2 to find out you may in fact be just that. This is very comprehensive, has hundreds of verses to back up his teaching and I would highly recommend it for every church of the Lord's people.