Letting Our Lights Shine




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Letting Our Lights Shine, by Betty Tope, is a women’s Bible study workbook examining ways Christians can allow their lives to shine unto God’s glory through different circumstances in life. Having worked with her husband as he preached in different congregations in the states and overseas, Betty draws on examples of godly women she has known to illustrate biblical principles of how to shine the light of the gospel through the challenges of life. These include letting our light shine through adversity, through brotherly kindness, through cheerfulness, and in death. Letting our lights shine through encouraging the weak, through endurance, through our example, our faith, and our faithfulness.  Betty examines shining our light through Godliness, good works, and hospitality. The Christian can let her light shine through joy, knowledge, love, in old age, through patience, self-sacrifice, and when facing sickness. The study ends wit studies illustrating how to let one’s light shine while single, through teaching the young, and in youth.

Table of Contents

Letting Our Lights Shine

By Betty Tope

Table of Contents


Through Adversity

Through Brotherly Kindness

Through Cheerfulness

In Death

Through Encouraging the Weak

Through Endurance

Through Our Example

Through Our Faith

Through Faithfulness

Through Godliness

Through Good Works

Through Hospitality

Through Joy

Through Knowledge

Through Love

In Old Age

Through Patience

Through Self-Sacrifice

In Sickness

While Single

Through Teaching the Young

In Our Youth