Bible Doctrine Of Final Things


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by Robert Taylor

From the Foreword:

"This book deals with a subject that will be timely literally until the end of time, until faith has become sight and the Christian's hope has been fully realized in heaven. Yet it seems especially fitting that the book should appear now, in view of the gross error presently being taught by many.... In this book the author shows vividly the striking contrast between the truth of God and the false doctrines now being so widely preached.... The author shows there is much truth that can be clearly understood about the second coming of Christ, the resurrection of the dead, the judgment, heaven and hell."

Written in seven sections: 

  1. The Bible Doctrine of Final Authority, 
  2. The Bible Doctrine of Death, 
  3. The Bible Doctrine of the Second Coming, 
  4. The Bible Doctrine of the Resurrection, 
  5. The Bible Doctrine of the Final Judgement, 
  6. The Bible Doctrine of Hell 
  7. The Bible Doctrine of Heaven
297 pages, Paperback.

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