In the Name of Jesus: A Manual to Help You Minister to Others including Healing and Deliverance



Product Description

Do you have a real desire to see people set free from the things that hold them, and to see them walking into the victory Jesus has won for them? ‘In the Name of Jesus’ is a manual which gives a Biblical basis to what it means to minister to someone and shows you how to go about it, along with foundational Christian teaching and practical guidelines. It can be used by an individual wanting to minister more effectively to others, and can also be used as a training manual for a church or ministry team. It will help you both understand and experience God at a deeper level and take hold of who you are in Jesus, so you can minister to people and expect to see results.Effective ministry does not depend on rigidly following a manual, but on a real relationship with God the Father, a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you and the boldness to step out in the name of Jesus. But a manual can help in giving you a sound foundation of teaching and in setting out guidelines which will help you discern the way to approach ministry in general, as well as in individual situations.The Kindle version contains a detailed interactive table of contents and also internal hyperlinks to help you refer quickly to other sections within the book.