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If You Had Been …, Volume 1
by Johnie Edwards, Johnie Paul Edwards, and John Isaac Edwards

This workbook series, If You Had Been …, is designed to help readers put themselves in the place of men and women in the Bible and ask, “What would I do in a similar situation? Would I follow the same path of faith or failure, obedience or rebellion?” Volume 1 focuses on examples from the Old Testament and is designed for Bible class study by teens and adults. It is the result of the combined labors of Johnie Edwards, Johnie Paul Edwards, and John Isaac Edwards.

From the Preface:

While in gospel meetings in the 1980s in Dickson County, Tennessee, brother Gilbert Tyler, brother to Granville and Leonard Tyler, was the preacher at the County Line Road church of Christ. He said he thought a good series of lessons would be: If You Had Been …. He further stated that he would like for me to put together a sermon: “If You Had Been Noah.” I did, and this series, If You Had Been …, evolved, as Johnie Paul Edwards, John Isaac Edwards and Johnie Edwards, over the years, put together Bible class material on this subject. It is our desire that this material, If You Had Been … from the Old Testament and the New Testament, will be helpful in your Bible classes for young people and adults. Plans are for two, 13-lesson workbooks on Old Testament characters and two, 13-lesson workbooks on New Testament characters. We hope you learn a lot from your study!

From inside the back cover:

The Old Testament was “written for our learning” (Rom. 15:4). A great method of Bible learning is to put ourselves in the place of its people. You will want to follow up this study with If You Had Been (Volume 2) which is a continuation of Old Testament characters and then Volumes 3 and 4 which explore the lives of New Testament people. May your life be enriched by considering, If You Had Been ….