How to Build Your Dream Home



Product Description

How to Build Your Dream Home:
A Place for Couples, Kids & Comfort

by Steve Klein and Jeff May

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain,” Psalm 127.1.

Somewhere in eternity past, God dreamed of the kind of home that would be best for us and bless our lives abundantly. He consulted with no one. As the One who stitched us together in the womb, He knew exactly what we needed to thrive in this life and prepare for the next.

In How to Build Your Dream Home, authors Steve Klein and Jeff May trace God’s blueprint for the home as revealed in His book. Fourteen scripture-filled chapters illuminate God’s perfect design for the foundation, support, and maintenance of the most fundamental of human relationships. Written for Christians who are married or who are contemplating marriage, this book may be used profitably by husbands and wives, by small groups in home studies, or by church-arranged Bible classes.  

Lesson titles:

  1. God Wants Your Home to Be Beautiful
  2. The Design of the Home
  3. Laying a Solid Foundation
  4. Jesus in the Rooms of My House
  5. Constructing the Husband
  6. Constructing the Wife
  7. Husbands & Wives — Understanding Each Other’s Needs
  8. Strategies for Solving Conflicts (1)
  9. Strategies for Solving Conflicts (2)
  10. Strategies for Solving Conflicts (3)
  11. Avoiding Home-Wreckers
  12. Building Those New Additions (Children)
  13. Managing Money
  14. Prayer Power – Keeping God in Charge of Construction


Author(s): Steve Klein & Jeff May
Publisher: self-published
ISBN-10: 1548692417
ISBN-13: 9781548692414
Dimensions: 9” x 6”
Pages: 158
Binding: Paperback