How Do You Know God Is Real?



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by Kyle Butt

Children are naturally inquisitive. They want to know how birds fly, why grass is green, what makes snow cold, and millions of other things. While many of their questions deal with trivial matters, children often ask some of the most profound, important questions in the world. One such question is, "How do we know God is real?" It is the responsibility of every Christian adult to be prepared to respond to that question with a simple, clear answer that will instill confidence and faith in the young inquisitor. With that realization in mind, we felt the need to provide a book, written on a 3rd-6th grade level, that answers the question of God's existence.

This book explores simple reasons why we can know that God exists. It will satisfy children's curiosity and equip them to be able to defend their personal belief in God.


1. The Most Important Question in the World
2. How Do We Prove God Is Real?
3. The First Cause
4. Our Unique Universe
5. Amazing Animals - Pt. 1
6. Amazing Animals - Pt. 2
7. Design in the Body
8. All Life Points to God
9. Evil, Pain, and Suffering
10. Right, Wrong, and God
11. Not All People Believe in God
12. The Bible as Evidence for God
13. What Does God Mean to Me?

68 pages, Hardcover.

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