Hope, the Anchor for the Soul



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Hope, the Anchor for the Soul by Kyle Pope is a seven-lesson study for congregations or small groups considering biblical teachings on the importance of hope under the gospel of Christ.  Lesson 1 introduces the problem of hopelessness. Lesson 2 examines the fact that hope has often been a neglected virtue. Lessons 3 and 4 explore things for which we can hope—first, promises and blessings, and second, the future. Lesson 5 surveys some benefits of having hope. Lesson 6 takes the student through some biblical examples of hope. Lesson 7 concludes the study considering the hope that rests in Christ.

Table of Contents



     Facing Hopeless Situations

Lesson 1: The Problem of Hopelessness

     Holding on to Hope

Lesson 2: The Neglected Virtue

     Keeping a Promise, No Matter What

Lesson 3: Things for Which We Can Hope—Promises and Blessings

     Confidence in a Future Outcome

Lesson 4: Things for Which We Can Hope—The Future.

     The Treasure of Hope

Lesson 5: The Benefits of Having Hope

     “May the Lord Give You Peace”

Lesson 6: Biblical Examples of Hope

     “How Can I Blaspheme My King?”

Lesson 7: Hope in Christ