Hoof Prints to HIS Prints: Where the Woods Meet the Word



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Hoof Prints to HIS Prints: Where the Woods Meet the Word

by Jeff May 

Hoof Prints to HIS Prints brings together everything a spiritually-minded deer hunter experiences while pursuing the whitetail deer. Many deer hunters are talking about how they feel so close to God in the woods. It's not surprising. The Bible says, "As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for you, O God." 

In Hoof Prints to HIS Prints, you will enjoy more than 52 stories tracking through the seasons of life-stories of inspiration, laughter, friendship and comradery, family and even trials. Each devotional walks a trail through the woods and into the Word of God. You will likely relive many of your own adventures in the whitetail woods.

You don't even have to hunt to be captivated by this book. It aims to interest everyone who is searching for meaning in life. This is a book you will read and then want to share with others. Come along for the pursuit. There's a great trophy waiting at the end.


About the author:

When Jeff May graduated from High School, his greatest dream was to be an anchor man on the evening news. He had already been doing a lot of broadcasting as a disk jockey for his hometown radio station. So, he left for Troy State University and set his aims to become a newsman. Things went well and a good path for success was laid. But before graduation, Jeff's life took a major turn. 

His relationship with His Lord had become very strong and he decided to preach the gospel full-time. Jeff tells people today, "I'm still a news reporter. It's just all good news." He's never looked back. Preaching the good news of Jesus Christ is his passion. This passion is clearly seen in his first book, Heaven: O For A Home With God, co-authored with his friend, Steve Klein.

In recent years, another surprising lifestyle change has come for Jeff. He has discovered that he has a passion for going to the woods in search of the whitetail deer. In the woods, his two worlds meet. Jeff finds himself connecting what he sees in the woods with the word of God. 

Jeff and his wife, Susan, currently reside in Limestone County, Alabama. Their children and grandchildren make their lives very happy. He currently preaches for the Oakland church of Christ, holds Gospel Meetings across the United States, and has been blessed to make one trip to Budapest, Hungary. Jeff's greatest aim is to glorify God whether speaking or writing. 

Product Information

Author: Jeff May 
ISBN-10: 0692372709
ISBN-13: 9780692372708
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches 
Page Count: 316
Binding: Paperback 

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  • 5
    Hoof prints to His prints

    Posted by Jayne Webb on Jun. 29, 2022

    Bought this for a Father’s Day present.
    Was told it was a very good read. Now I’m gonna order more!

  • 5
    Not just a "man book"

    Posted by Brenda Haraway on May. 4, 2015

    I have been waiting anxiously to purchase this book for several men whose souls are “deer” to me (Do you like that, Jeff?). As I was paying, I asked what responses from women had been received about the book. I decided I’d give mine. This is not just a “man book” – girls, it will help you understand your man - and maybe your preacher! Now I know why a preacher hunts Bambi’s mother! (Are you still my friend, Jeff?) This is not just a deer book – you can put in fish, rabbit, squirrel, turkey, baseball, football, and yes Albert (my husband) PIGS! He is sure to read this book now!
    As a little girl in southern Illinois growing up on a farm at a time when girls did only girl things and boys did only boy things (that’s not so bad!), going hunting with my daddy was always a treasured time. Having two brothers who took first place going hunting left me with very few valuable memories. This book revived those precious times. It’s when I remember Daddy talking to me in his quiet way about God through nature - most of all about trees.
    May I humbly suggest this be a book husbands and wives read together! Get it for each other for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s a valuable way to spend your money and time. It’s a fun book to have fun together with the Heavenly Father! It’s great! My greatest desire is to serve Him! Greatest has “test” in it. We are still waiting for our score. Let’s make sure by God’s grace we pass! The Heavenly Father working through Jeff’s book is an encouraging way to help us help Him plant “deer” seed together! Keep on keeping on, Jeff! THANKS!

  • 5
    A thoroughly enjoyable book

    Posted by Jeff Ogden on Apr. 30, 2015

    “Hoof Prints to HIS Prints” is an excellent book that ties the outdoors to spiritual applications. While I read this book, I found myself thinking about sitting in the woods and would picture the things described and then I tried anticipating how these stories would be used in a spiritual manner. Jeff May does a great job of bringing God’s creation to life while leaning on the more important aspects of godly living and looking to the Creator for the deeper purpose in life. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from a fellow-hunter’s viewpoint but also from a Christian’s viewpoint. I learned things I didn’t know about the beautiful whitetail but I also learned things about myself that will help me press on to the higher calling. I highly recommend this book as it will challenge your thinking in ways that may not be comfortable but are indeed necessary!
    -Jeff Ogden