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Product Description

Home Bible Study DVD
by Johnie Edwards

An audio/video presentation of the 4-lesson Home Bible Study, conducted in a home setting by Johnie Edwards. The DVD is designed to be used in teaching non-Christians. Watch the video with your prospect, as they fill out the companion Home Bible Study booklet (sold separately: item # ED02). The DVD can also be used as a training video in learning how to teach the Home Bible Study. An excellent personal work tool for church members in converting the lost.

A note from the authors: These Home Bible Study lessons are simple and Scriptural.  They do not contain the wisdom of men, but the wisdom of God. They have been prepared, with great care and concern, for the salvation of the souls of men.Remember that the Bible is the word of God and that we can only be saved by studying it, believing it, and doing what it teaches us to do.


Lessons included on this DVD:

  1. Authority in Religion
  2. God's Plan for Saving Man
  3. The Church
  4. The Worship of the Church
Author: Johnie Edwards
Publisher: Truth Publications
Format: DVD