God Made Insects - Early Reader Level 2




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by Kyle Butt

Creepy, crawly, incredible insects capture the attention of children of all ages. What child has not been thrilled on a warm summer night to march into the backyard on a mission to capture fireflies? Who hasn't been amazed at the strength and design of a spider's web? A quick glimse into the world of stick bugs, stinkbugs, butterflies, bombardier beetles, ants, spiders, and othere amazing insects shows the awesome ability of God, the almight Creator.

What better way to enjoy reading than to read about God and His creation? Not only will your children read about the sky, the trees, and the bumblebees, they will also learn about the Designer who made them. WIth interesting, understandable text and captivating pictures, your children will fall in love with reading and with their Creator.