Finding the Light in Dementia: A Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers





Product Description

Want to reconnect with your loved one living with dementia? Learn what to say & do from a Dementia Nurse Specialist & care with confidence. 'Finding the Light in Dementia: A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers' is the essential self-help book that helps you know what to say and do when caring for your loved one/care partner.

Providing chapters on:

• What to do following a diagnosis
• Positive ways of communicating together
• Using life stories & activities to stimulate memories & communication
• How to be content & safe at home
• Tips for sleeping, eating & drinking
• How to provide personal care without resistance
• How to respond to changes in moods & behaviour
• Learn how to avoid distress
• Caring for yourself as caregiver

It offers valuable approaches, tips & suggestions interspersed with caregiver stories that help the reader learn to care for & stay connected with their care partner. Whether you're a spouse, partner, daughter, son, sibling, friend, parent, paid caregiver, or health & social care professional, this book is for you.

By helping you understand what your care partner is experiencing you will learn:

• What to say & do during difficult & challenging moments
• How to communicate, reconnect with them and understand how they are experiencing their world
• How making subtle changes to your home can help and how environment and surroundings may trigger emotions and behavior
• Learn how to overcome the challenges of changing moods & behavior
• How to reduce the effects of hallucinations, delusions & fixed beliefs

Finding the Light in Dementia also provides:
★ Advice when considering professional care at home & in residential care
★ Short chapters with easy-to-read font & summaries for quick reference
★ Notes pages to write down any points you would like to make
★ Question sheets for you to refer to when speaking with your doctor and/or legal professionals
★ You can make this your personal guide

When following the approaches in this book, you should find that your care partner will feel more understood & you will become calmer thereby helping you both find a sense of connection & continue to live well.

Finding the Light in Dementia: A Guide for Families, Friends and Caregivers is the essential self-help book that explains how the person living with dementia experiences their world and the common changes that can occur. By offering valuable approaches, tips and personal stories, Jane M Mullins helps readers learn to communicate with, care for and maintain a connection with their loved one.

This book offers hope and strength to all of those affected by dementia, whether you're a spouse, partner, daughter, son, sibling or friend.