DGW Primary 2:2 - Miracles and Parables of Jesus






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Discovering God's Way Curriculum

Primary (Grades 1-3) Year 2, Book 2

Miracles and Parables of Jesus

Chapter Titles:

Lesson 1: 2nd Passover in Jerusalem / Jesus Heals a Lame Man
Lesson 2: Jesus Accused of Breaking the Sabbath
Lesson 3: Sermon on the Mount: "Beatitudes"
Lesson 4: Sermon on the Mount: Personal Relationships
Lesson 5: Sermon on the Mount: Good Works, Prayer & True Treasure
Lesson 6: Sermon on the Mount: False Teachers; Build on Rock
Lesson 7: Jesus' Fame Increases as He Works Miracles
Lesson 8: Jesus Works Many Miracles at the Sea of Galilee
Lesson 9: Jesus Is Accused of Working by the Power of Beelzebub
Lesson 10: Jesus Teaches Parables to Illustrate Truth
Lesson 11: The Parable of the Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, & Lost Boy
Lesson 12: Jesus Feeds the 5000 and Walks on Water
Lesson 13: Apostles Sent Out on Limited Commission