DGW Nursery 1:4 - Life of Jesus 2 Song Sheets




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Nursery - Life of Jesus Part 2 Song Sheets

The melody for the Song Sheets can be heard on the Songs CD.

Song List:

  1. I Am So Glad You Came to Bible Class Today
  2. Put Your Hands Together
  3. Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day
  4. I Have a Little Bible
  5. My Bible
  6. B-I-B-L-E Spells Bible
  7. Be Kind to Your Bible
  8. Sixty-Six
  9. Number of Books in the Bible
  10. Old Testament Books
  11. New Testament Books
  12. Good Bye Song
  13. The Good Shepherd
  14. A Good Samaritan
  15. The Lost Sheep
  16. The Lost Coin
  17. The Lost Son
  18. The Sower
  19. Rich Young Ruler
  20. Zacchaeus Was a Small Man
  21. Lazarus
  22. Jesus Rode a Donkey Into Jerusalem
  23. Jesus Was Betrayed by a Friend
  24. He Is Alive!
  25. The Gospel is Good News