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The Discovering God's Way curriculum is designed around the idea that the key to understanding what God's word says to us is reading His word. Many of the books use only limited retelling of the account at hand, instead pointing students to the Bible and asking questions that will facilitate comprehension of what the text actually says, and thereby a realization of what God's way really is for them.

For the Nursery level of the Discovering God's Way curriculum, each lesson in the Teacher Manual is written so that even a beginning teacher can tell the story on the level needed for a 2 year old. 

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    Comprehensive reading, but incomplete.

    Posted by Tara on Jul. 4, 2017

    This book has a lot of reading for the teacher which can be helpful to someone like me who learned the Bible as an adult. There's an option to buy the flip chart that follows the study and I would say that it is a must since the teacher manual has no illustrations. This book is a good base to work from in Bible class, but it's not a complete curriculum. The instructor would still need to find coloring pages, songs, and activities to engage the child. There's no way a 2 year old could sit through class listening to the stories and staring at the flip chart the whole time. To expect them to would be unfair in my opinion.