DGW Preschool 2:3 - Stories from Acts - Teacher's Manual




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Stories from Acts (Teacher’s Manual), by Sue Bronger and Julie Smith


Table of Contents


Lesson 1, Part 1: A New Apostle Is Chosen

Lesson 1, Part 2: The Day of Pentecost

Lesson 2,Part 1: Healing a Lame Man

Lesson 2, Part 2: Peter and John in Prison

Lesson 3,Part 1: God Wants Christians to Share

Lesson 3, Part 2: Ananias and Sapphira

Lesson 4,Part 1: Stephen

Lesson 4, Part 2: Philip and the Ethiopian

Lesson 5,Part 1: Dorcas

Lesson 5, Part 2: Peter and the Angel

Lesson 6,Part 1: Peter’s Vision

Lesson 6, Part 2: Cornelius

Lesson 7,Part 1: Saul Obeys God

Lesson 7, Part 2: A New Man

Lesson 8,Part 1: Paul’s Helpers: Barnabas, Mark, and Silas

Lesson 8, Part 2: Timothy

Lesson 9,Part 1: Paul and Barnabas Heal a Crippled Man

Lesson 9, Part 2: A Woman Named Lydia

Lesson 10,Part 1: Paul and Silas Meet a Slave Girl

Lesson 10, Part 2: The Philippian Jailer

Lesson 11,Part 1: A Young Man Falls out a Window

Lesson 11, Part 2: Paul Goes to Jerusalem

Lesson 12,Part 1: A Boy Saves His Uncle

Lesson 12, Part 2: Paul Is Shipwrecked

Lesson 13,Part 1: After the Shipwreck

Lesson 13, Part 2: Rome