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"From Egypt to the Promised Land"

Primary (Grades 1-3) Year 1, Book 2 From Egypt to the Promised Land (Teacher's Manual), by Sue Bronger is the second workbook in the first year of the primary level of the Discovering God's Way (DGW) series. It is designed to accompany the workbook.

Lessons Include:

  • Lesson 1:  Baby Moses / The Burning Bush
  • Lesson 2:  God Sends the Plagues / God Sends More Plagues
  • Lesson 3:  God Leads His People / Crossing the Red Sea
  • Lesson 4:  God Provides / Water From A Rock
  • Lesson 5:  The Ten Commandments
  • Lesson 6:  The Golden Calf / Complaining
  • Lesson 7:  The Tabernacle / The Ark of the Covenant
  • Lesson 8:  The Land of Canaan / Joshua and Caleb
  • Lesson 9: Punishment for 40 Years / Aaron's Walking Stick
  • Lesson 10:  Moses Hits the Rock / A Talking Donkey
  • Lesson 11:  A New Leader / Rahab
  • Lesson 12:  Crossing the Jordan / The Walls of Jericho
  • Lesson 13:  The Day the Sun Stood Still / The Land is Divided