Creation to Revelation - Growing Box (All Flash Cards)



Product Description

The Growing Box provides every flash card currently offered by our digital licenses, but printed, sorted, and ready to go!

  • 17 TIME PERIODS: A simple timeline of major Bible events from creation to Revelation. Memorizing the order helps students remember the broad story of the Bible. This is Cycle 1 of a tried-and-true system, written years before by Bob Waldron (“The 3 Cycle Approach”) and recently adapted by Creation To Revelation. 

  • 17 TIME PERIODS: CYCLE 2 is imperative in telling the Bible story as it threads Cycle 1 together with crucial events of each period—not an exhaustive approach to each period, but rather a sprinkling of characters, stories, and historical facts that help relate one time period to the next. Our Cycle 2 illustrations offer 112 colorful, accurate snapshots of scripture.

  • REVIEW PACK: 100 basic Bible stories, divided into CTR’s three easy sections (The Nation, The Kingdom, and The Church). 

  • DRILL & THEMES: Six essential Bible lists (with a myriad of teaching options to pair with lesson plans): Armor of God, Days of Creation, Divisions of the Bible, Fruit of the Spirit, Ten Plagues, and Ten Commandments.

  • STORY OF THE CROSS: 20 cards showing students the Bible story that leads to the sacrifice of Jesus, emphasizing prophecies and events before His death, and demonstrating Jesus knew His earthly destiny long before (and still chose to die for all mankind).

  • STORY OF THE BIBLE: This series is a leveled reader for all ages. Early readers can read the sentence heading and then move to reading the captions as their skills grow.

  • SHADOWS OF CHRIST (BOOKS 1-3): This series takes Old Testament people, places, and things and connects them to Jesus.

  • HEROES OF FAITH: Straight from Hebrews 11 - 12:3 these illustrated verse cards help you visualize the “Hall of Faith”.

  • HISTORY PACKS: This ongoing series is a comprehensive approach to every story in every historical chapter in the Bible, with the ultimate goal of offering 600 (20 packs of 30 illustrations). History Packs specialize in covering obscure or lesser-known stories, which provides an exhaustive teaching tool for every lesson and inspires additional reading about yet-unknown stories!