Creation to Revelation - 30 Days of Marriage, Husbands



Product Description

30 Days of Marriage Cards. These beautiful, 30-piece 4x6” card sets provide ideas for specific ways you can purposefully invest in your marriage and relationship. Accessible and practical, our 30 Days of Marriage cards come in two sets: one for husbands, and one for wives. These cards were created to help you break our of the "rut" of survival in your marriage and make intentional and simple gains in your most precious human relationship.

Each card (in both our husbands and wives set) offers a simple, active relationship challenge or act of service, and a scripture to remind you of your "Why." Marriage is so quickly given up on, scorned, and forgotten in the chaos and rush of this world, and we pray these cards and their challenges help us focus on what matters and love one another better, savoring our relationships and roles just as we imitate Christ and the church!