Why People Suffer





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by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

Many people throughout history have rejected belief in the one true God on the grounds that they have witnessed or experienced great pain and suffering. Perhaps the loss of a loved one, or some other tragedy in life, made them resentful and bitter toward God and life. By blaming God, somehow the pain seemed more bearable. But the Bible speaks definitively on this matter—and only the Bible can give us an accurate explanation for the existence of pain and suffering on the Earth.

Why does suffering occur? The number one, unifying explanation: An infinite, eternal God rightly created an environment for beings of free moral agency to have the opportunity to decide where they wish to spend eternity.

Suffering is integral to the ideal proving ground—the “vale of soul-making.” Pain and suffering are among the necessary variables for achieving that righteous purpose.

Great for classroom study. Contains “Thinking Points” at the end of each section with an answer sheet.

96 pages, Paperback