Class in a Box Volume One for 2's and 3's




Product Description

Class In A Box Volume One for 2's and 3's

Class in a Box sets include a Class Agenda, Songbooks, Flip Books, Visuals, and Time Line pieces to cut out and mount. In addition, the boxes contains an audio CD featuring the songs used with the material, plus a DVD Tutorial demonstrating how to use the components.

The Class in a Box agenda leads to the lesson of the week six times during a class period. The week's lesson coordinates with lessons in Levels 1-4 of Shaping Hearts for God Bible Class Curriculum. The Take Home Cards correspond with the Teaching Sheets and are designed for students to take with them. Shaping Hearts for God features two Class in a Box sets. To keep teaching fresh and students engaged, use Class in a Box 1 for six months of the year and use Class in a Box 2 for the other six months.

  • Class In A Box Volume 1 features God – Father, Son, and Spirit
  • Class In A Box Volume 2 features Bible characters and events from creation to eternity